Some times we need to know how a word sounds to know how to write it. On this website you can listen music hits reading their lyrics filling the spaces up with the two options they give you. You will get a score and you will know how much you have improved.

learn to speak through the music
Learn to speak through the music

Have a look on the  webpage www.rebeats.tv and tell me about your experience. Maybe you think is too easy, but I’m sure will be worth it and you will refresh your knowledges. Carry on!


Anuncio publicitario


One of the main tasks to improve your English is be able to understand what a native person says. Listening is very important. Professional people say we should listen everyday in the language we want to learn. It’s the way the babies learn before they start to talk. There is not mystery.

To start doing it, I recommend to you two options:

  • Visit www.librivox.org Here you can listen free public domain audiobooks. These books are read by volunteers. So, have a look!
This website offers free domain public audiobooks
This website offers free domain public audiobooks
  •  The second option is listen radio or go to news official webpages and press the option to listen.

I recommend you some of them:


Go there and please, tell me about your experience!

Changes & Progress

Way. Perspective. 'BoxPark'. (Shoreditch, London)
Way. Perspective. ‘BoxPark’. (Shoreditch, London)

Today I have calculated how many days i have lived in London so far. And wow! I have lived in London for 848 days. When you do the conversion to minutes it seems whole life!!!

I came to London to start a new life. And I guess i did. I say ‘I guess’ because of course I have not got the same life i had when i left my country in 2012, so it changed, but i haven’t got still what i really want in my life now. In Ana’s life. My own life.

I have to say for me is really important to know what you don’t want in your life, more than knowing what you really want in it.

By now, what i can say is my priorities changed and the time is pushing me to do all what i wasn’t able to do before because of shame, immature attitude, lack of experience, etc. A big improvement!

When you decide live abroad you are assuming some risks, of course, but you exposes yourself to an immense variety of chances to make your life the way you want also, on the other side.

I just want to transmit to you some of my experience. When you are abroad you realise that the time flies. Enjoy your moment and be as productive as you can. You will do lots of things you don’t want to do until you get something similar to what you really want. What you should try is to trust in yourself and don’t waste time being afraid about what you haven’t even tried. Just go for your dream. I think that’s the only motivation that you should keep always in mind.

I always say to my mum: ‘nobody said would be quick, nobody said would be easy. So don’t worry about me because I am on my way and i will get something better before than we expect.’

Keep calm and carry on!

Let’s start

I have an aim. To write fluently in English. Which is a main issue for my professional life, specially in  the United Kingdom.

I think this is the right moment to start doing it frequently. I’m a London based Spanish immigrant. My idea is to let you know about some things i consider important and that you should keep in mind when you are living abroad.

In this blog you won’t find an specific theme. I would like people help me to improve my writing with their comments and share experiences and passions.

Welcome to the new chapter of my life. Happy to host you, happy to read your comments.

Please, correct me.